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About the Googily

So many things happen every day that are completely outrageous, ridiculous, hilarious and contemptible… ous.

This blog exists to chronicle such stories, videos, pictures or personal anecdotes as I come across them. Some items will be more serious than others. Some of the outrageous things I run across are posted specifically because they raise my blood pressure by 20 points. But this blog is not a serious blog by nature. You will find as much here to smile at as shake your fist at, if not more.

But while this blog is designed to be entertaining, I hope it will at times be enlightening as well. I live to laugh, but I also love to debate and question. So if you read something on my blog that gets your dander up, send me a message and tell me where I’m wrong. I always welcome a spirited exchange of ideas.

I hope you enjoy what I have put together here, and thanks for visiting.

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