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Piano + Trash = Pretty Awesome Music.


This is a guy from Germany who calls himself Hauschka. He composes music on the piano that sounds like a team of instrumentalists and different instruments playing together… but it’s just him. Below is a video of an appearance he made on NPR to showcase his craft. They unloaded a collection of random items on him and asked him to use the items in an improvisational piece. The result was pretty cool.

The first few minutes of the video are him explaining his approach and playing with some of the objects. But if you skip to about 4:30, that’s when he starts the improv composition.

That one was only impressive considering it was off the top of his head. This one is even better, though still improvisational.

But while his music is very creative and hypnotic sounding, would you buy his CD?

Go here, to see a few more of his songs performed at NPR.


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