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One-Stop Shopping For Anyone Planning a Drive-by Shooting!


Apparently there is a truck dealer in Sanford, Florida who is turning arms dealer. He’s running a promotion that anybody who buys a truck from him will get a free AK47!

Woohoo! Alright boys, start making your enemies lists now! We can go pick up an AK47 along with our Ford F150, smoke some 4:20 and commit a 187!

The guy running the dealership said that it was working: he had 47 sales appointments for the day after the sale went public. His daily average is usually 3. I’d be interested to find out how many of those appointments show up with shifty eyes and fake IDs.

The whole thing was supposed to be in honor of our troops! Here’s a suggestion: How about, instead of handing out assault rifles, maybe you could give out American flags, or donate a percentage to supporting the troops. But, then again, that probably wouldn’t attract 47 shady customers per day. And a lot of them will probably pay in briefcases full of unmarked bills!

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